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The Silegy Experience-A Fresh Approach
to Oral Surgical Care

You are not a condition, a procedure or an insurance code. You are a human being looking for solutions to life-altering problems. Whether you have a toothache that has kept you up all night, are struggling with loose teeth, or ill-fitting dentures that embarrassingly slip when you are at a restaurant, suffer from chronic headaches, or just want to enhance your appearance, Dr. Silegy and his team believe in treating the person first. From the moment you enter our office, to the time you return to your dentist for regular dental maintenance, my staff and I will prioritize your comfort and well-being. What does that mean? It means creating a warm, relaxing environment to help calm your nerves and abate your stress. It means staying on schedule and never letting you feel like you’re being rushed. It means taking the time to thoroughly explain your diagnosis, treatment recommendation and the costs associated with providing you with state-of-the-art care. It means providing you with payment options to lessen the financial burden. It means treating you like family. Many people have lived with some problem for so long that they don’t even realize what’s possible. Dr. Silegy has transformed lives on the ABC hit show, Extreme Makeover. Now it’s your turn! Call us today and discover the Silegy Experience for yourself.

We understand how unnerving the thought of a dental extraction can be. Whether it a single tooth that cannot be saved because it is cracked or has a deep cavity, or teeth that are impacted because there is no room in your mouth for them, Dr. Silegy and his team will explore every option with you to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable for this procedure. And more importantly, we will be with you through your recovery to ensure that you are back to normal as quickly as possible.

Dental implants are precisely placed in bone to provide you with an artificial tooth root which a dentist can use to anchor a crown or bridge. Dr. Silegy will work with your dentist to make sure that your unique smile is the very best it can be. If you don’t already have a dentist, Dr Silegy can refer you to one of the top dentists in his  professional alliance network, in the Long Beach area. Whether replacing a single tooth or providing the foundation of a whole new smile, Dr. Silegy has the expertise to have you smiling and chewing again with confidence.

Do you suffer from frequent head pain that your doctor just can’t fix? You may have a problem called Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ or TMD). TMD is a common, but not well understood problem that can cause chronic head, neck, and shoulder pain, frequent headaches or migraines, ringing in the ears, ear congestion, vertigo, clicking and popping of your jaw, or pain when opening your mouth or when chewing or speaking. Dr. Silegy has successfully treated patients suffering from TMD with non-invasive and minimally invasive therapy. In many cases, symptoms can be relieved in just 1-2 visits, allowing you to live the life you love, free from pain.

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The “Silegy Experience” begins with your first call to our office. Our mission is to make your experience remarkable in every way. We schedule you in a timely and convenient manner. At your visit to our spa-like office, we will welcome you in our cozy reception area where you can relax with a beverage and take a short break from your busy day. In our comfortable consultation rooms, our team will take the time to learn a little bit more about you, your concerns and your goals, while we take all records necessary to best assess your health. Dr. Silegy will discuss all your needs with you, along with your goals and concerns. Based upon your input and the finding s of a thorough oral examination and comprehensive diagnostic records, Dr. Silegy will clearly explain treatment options to you. Our belief is that educated patients are empowered in making the best decisions for their personal health and long-term healthful goals. We will always take the time necessary to answer your questions and allay your fears. At Silegy Oral Surgery, you are always our #1 priority.

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Meet Your Oral Surgeon

Dr. Tim Silegy

Dr. Silegy is a diplomate of the of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and received his Doctorate of Dentistry from the University of Colorado. A fellow of the American College of Dentists, Dr. Silegy is a national instructor and speaker who trains colleagues in surgical diagnostics and techniques. He also lends his time and respected knowledge to support medical practitioners and auxiliaries, while providing care to impoverished communities in Latin America via Medical Missions’ initiatives. Dr. Silegy is a dedicated family man, father, and dog lover. With an unwavering dedication to his patients and his community, Dr. Silegy believes that greatness is achieved through steadfast service, partnered with respect and consistent perseverance to overcome all odds toward achieving your goals.

Why Our Patients Love Us

The Silegy Experience is all about you, the patient. We want you to feel relaxed, pampered, and well taken care of when you’re in our care. See for yourself what our patients have to say about their care and experience at Silegy OMFS.


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