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You want what is best for your patients, no matter if they’re in your office or seeing a specialist. Our goal is to provide the same high-quality and personalized care at our practice that patients have come to expect at yours. Completing this seamless continuum of care, our teams can together provide a truly superior level of services, dedicated care, and amazing treatment outcomes for our mutual patients.

Dr. Tim Silegy remains dedicated to advancing the scope and quality of care of the dental profession. By mastering state-of-the-art technologies and innovative techniques with his commitment to maintaining active affiliation with dental associations and not only attending but also a teacher of continuing dental education every year to colleagues, Dr. Silegy is committed to being a strong partner for success in the practice of dentistry. Working with a specialist should be a seamless experience for all. In our practice, our team remains dedicated to providing an outstanding experience for you, your patients, and your staff, along with the utmost in respect, comfort, and safety.

In our practice, our team remains dedicated to providing experiences with the utmost in respect, comfort, and safety.

We look forward to helping your patients achieve optimal oral health and a better quality of life with our specialized oral and maxillofacial surgical treatments. Refer your patients to Silegy OMFS today by completing our referral form or connecting with our team!

Expanding Your Professional Tool Belt

If you want to provide All-on-4 restorations for your patients but haven’t began the training to offer this procedure to your client base confidently, we have the resources and educational training available to for you to accept and complete complex, rewarding cases.

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