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Do you suffer from the daily denture struggle of gum irritation, stability and just plain functionality of your smile? At Silegy OMFS in Long Island Beach, CA, dental implants can provide you a life filled with confidence and function with teeth that remain stabilized in your mouth no matter if you’re eating, talking, or laughing. Our fixed full mouth dental implant options in Long Beach, CA, are personalized to you by our experienced team and oral surgeon Dr. Tim Silegy. We can help you determine the best fit for your situation, then make a new smile possible with life-changing dental implants!

The Top-Rated Options

At Silegy OMFS, you are as unique as your smile and a templated restorative solution shouldn’t be the final solution. Our Oral Surgeon, Dr. Silegy provides multiple options to fit your unique case, because your smile isn’t like everyone else’s. Our restorative options range from economy phased provisionals to fully custom fixed teeth—all delivered same day of procedure or the day after your dental implant surgery. Our full mouth dental implant treatments are high-tech, personalized, and efficient. We complete the surgical phase of your treatment in-house and work with a state-of-the-art dental lab to maintain a superior level of quality and personalization, from your consultation to the delivery of your final teeth. Your common restorative solutions include:

Traditional Acrylic implants

Traditional Acrylic

SmartComposite Hybrid Prosthesis

SmartComposite Hybrid Prosthesis

Zir.MAX.M® Hybrid

(Monolithic Zirconia Screw Retained Full Arch Prosthesis)


Dr. Silegy

An All-on-4 Procedure Can Provide a Full Natural Smile

Dr. Silegy is a recognized national instructor lending his time and respected knowledge to medical practitioners and auxiliaries.

Core Values Rooted Around Effective Care

When considering full mouth dental implants, it’s important that you choose a team dedicated to providing a high level of care and the experience in dental implant treatment. Our modern and well-equipped office is inclusive and welcoming. With the latest technology we are able to provide you with a digitally designed future smile that allows us to capture every aspect of your smile from the color and shape of each tooth to the size of your final bridge.

Our Oral surgeon, Dr. Tim Silegy is certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons. You won’t be receiving care from an inexperienced team or an oral surgeon with only weekend course training in dental implants. Dr. Silegy is a recognized national instructor lending his time and respected knowledge to medical practitioners and auxiliaries. We provide one sophisticated, fully digital system of care at Silegy OMFS, from consultation to prosthetic delivery. Using cutting-edge planning software and surgical technologies, we provide unparalleled levels of precision and detail throughout your entire treatment that consistently results in superior clinical outcomes. At our practice, we treat individuals exactly how we would treat our friends and family.

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